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Auto Window Tint Products 

There are about 4 basic qualities of auto window tint products on the market today. The ones in question are listed in the order ‘from worst to first.’ For more basic car tint info see “Home.”


These are the car window tints which don’t last very long. They can fade, discolor, bubble or peel in as little as 6 months to a year’s time. These are typically offered by shops offering deceptive deals- possibly using car window tinting as just a “sideline” for extra profits. Pablo Blue Window Tinting has chosen to focus exclusively on quality car window tinting installation.

Next to Worst

Car window tints which typically fade, discolor, bubble or peel within a 3 year time period. These brands are similar quality to those above, but are just a little better. Better brands (eg 3M, Madico, Solar Gard) sometimes offer cheaper lines which are in this category. None of the window tints we use at Pablo Blue are in this category.

Next to Best

Car window tinting brands which typically fade, discolor, bubble, peel or demetalize within 5 years. They usually lack properties preventing discoloring. Also here is the metal films. No longer as popular these days, since cell phones, GPS systems, and other electronics signals are interfered with. Next, metal window tint has more of a shiny appearance than non metal tints do, and this shine is not as popular for most. These “Next to Best” category films can appear so marvelous in advertisements, but are really just a tad better than the aforementioned types in this “Next to Worst” category.

Best Auto Tint Products

Window film products which may NEVER go bad or discolor! This category includes such auto window tints as 3M FX Premium and Geoshield Pro Nano Ceramic. The 2 listed here are the products we currently offer at Pablo Blue. These won’t discolor and don’t contain metal. Our products are for the type of consumer who finds logic in paying a few extra dollars now to avoid future losses, and those which never want bubbles or the purple windows on their vehicle.



Car Window Tint Products “Wheels and Deals”

Some shops offer products such as metal tints for cheaper rates. Almost always, once they get you into their shop they’ll offer you a higher quality one- maybe closer the quality of our products, (but probably not as good after closer investigation). One of our favorite sayings at Pablo Blue is this: “you get what you pay for.” This applies to many other products and services in life, but with window tinting is especially true.

Some window tint shops claim to use 3M auto window tint (or other high quality brands). Beware! If you notice a plain white box that doesn’t contain large 3M printed letters on it and a factory printed label, then it most likely it isn’t the brand claimed. 3M doesn’t carry any blueish color automotive films. Window tint containing blue dye they will gradually turn purple. They’ll probably never give the official printed auto tint warranty, unless they somehow otherwise obtained or forged it.

It Could Happen to You!

Yes, this kind of thing happens often to those not aware. The film usually won’t last as long as a fine product such as 3M. When you bring it in for repairs the usual reply will be something like, “…sorry but we no longer carry that brand.”

In our 30 years experience using most of the popular brands, we honestly believe that only a small minority of brands can measure up to the standards of the “Best” category above. Admittedly, there are a few other automotive films in this top category besides 3M (our own Geoshield for one). We, however, reason that proven and reputable corporations like 3M and Geoshield are more likely to be more trustworthy for any possible future warranty issues.

For genuine 3M or Geoshield car window tinting, and official lifetime manufacturer’s warranties call us at (281) 554-4063.

Ceramic Car Window Tint Products

Ceramic Window tinting can reduce double the amount of heat as conventional films do. The ceramic inside of the film is the reason for this amazing difference.

Ceramic window tint doesn’t have a noticeable shine as metal films do. There’s no interference with electronic and cellular signals which are noticeable with metal tint.

Call us today at (281) 554-4063 if you’d like a free estimate on our top quality auto window films- none of which contain metal and all of which come with lifetime manufacturer’s warranties. For more information on our views such as product lines, see the “About Us” page.

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